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August 20th

 Master's Voice

MASTER’S VOICE from Bristow Oklahoma will be live in concert at THE HAMILTON LIFE CENTER on Saturday, August 20th. MASTERS VOICE is now charting songs nationally and have become one of HLC’s most popular groups. Along with their amazing high tenor and low, low Bass their stage comedy and spot on message is second to none. Come and join Ricky, T.J., David and Jerry for a great evening of amazing 4-part harmony fun!

HLC Band

Pre-Show – THE HAMILTON LIFE CENTER BAND is the original Pre-Show Band! Scott, Sharon, Brent, and Marc along with occasional guest artists and funny man Carlton Reinhard play several different instruments and always get the crowd going with music, comedy, and even a Pathetic Song or two! When the HLC BAND takes the stage, you’ll be “So Glad You’re Here”!